The forces favourite for new car bargains
In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Stan Bateman founded Advanced Car Exports in May 1979, and has been assisting British Forces with buying new tax-free cars for over 40 years. Since relocating to Cyprus in 2010 he has specialised in the BFC market, offering a first-class service in supplying, shipping, collecting and registering new tax-free cars for customers stationed there.

Most UK suppliers of new, tax-free cars to British Forces in Cyprus rely on him to assist their customers.

Why not take advantage of all that experience? Ask for a free no-obligation quote, any make or model.


     BREXIT UPDATE: I have been asked by SBA Customs to point out that from 1 January 2021 vehicles will need to be owned and used in Cyprus for a minimum of 6 months, and then retained for a further 12 months on your return to the UK. This applies to vehicles departing Cyprus to return to the UK after 31 Dec.2020.   

For cars UK-registered after 1st Jan 2021 the UK customs form now required is a VAT410. The old VAT411 is no longer valid.