The forces favourite for new car bargains
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British forces car sales

Members of British forces are offered substantial discounts on car sales by many leading manufacturers.

How it works

Those of you who are on an overseas posting, or about to embark on one, may also be entitled to buy the car free of tax, and depending on where you're going, may require a set of LHD headlamps to be fitted. Many UK suppliers are unaware that such a scheme exists, and even if they are, the likelihood that you will be put through to a car salesman who has any experience in Military Sales is remote. Mention a customs form VAT 411, or BFG 414, and all you'll get is a blank look!


Having chosen your new car, chances are that you will need some finance. Very few UK finance companies will lend money to a customer who is about to leave the country. Another problem can be that Military personnel tend to move around more than most people, and finance companies prefer customers who remain in one place. For these reasons, you are better off dealing with a company that specialises in Military Sales, and knows which finance companies to use. Each time you apply for finance, your credit rating can be affected, so that the rate of interest charged can increase. Best get it right first time!


Wherever you will be driving your new car, be it the UK or overseas, you will need insurance. There are several companies that specialise in supplying insurance to British Forces, and links to most of them can be found on our 'Useful Websites' page.


If you have a car which you wish to part-exchange, that's fine if you are UK-based. But if you are currently overseas and driving a tax-free car, or one that you have declared as being exported, you'll need to explain to the buyer that you won't have a UK registration document (V5) for several weeks, and unless he's familiar with this situation, he won't want pay to you for your car until the V5 arrives. Assuming that you need the money to go towards your new car, this causes a real problem.

Why Advanced Car Exports?

We have been supplying new cars, both tax-free for personal export, and tax-paid for UK use, for over 30 years. British Forces make up the vast majority of our customers, and recommendations from satisfied customers make up the vast majority of our current business. We have built up an enviable reputation for low prices and excellent service, and that's how we intend to continue. You can see some customers' comments on our Testimonials page. Try us and see for yourself!